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Spoilers for the eps Americans didn't see yet....

50. Accidents Will Happen 1
* there is a big gymnastics meet
* manny gets sick
* she questions if craig wore a condome when they had sex
* manny turns to Emmas mom
* Manny discovers she is pregnant
* Toby feel shut out by JT
* Jimmy asks JT to a dj mad bullets concert
* Toby decides to change Jimmys math grade to earn cool points

51. Accidents Will Happen 2
* Manny believes her and Craig could have a little family
* Ashley gets mad and tells the cafeteria about the pregnancy
* Manny and Craig try to take care of baby jack
* Manny and Craig fail at taking care of baby jack
* Manny realizes she can't have a baby at her age
* Manny gets an abortion
* JT is sick of Libertys crush on him
* Liberty then finds an interest in Sean
* Liberty starts dressing different trying to attract sean
* Sean tells liberty that he will never be interested in her
* sean tells liberty that his friend towerz has a crush on her

52. This Charming Man
* Paige, Jimmy and Spinner all start drivers ed.
* Paige loses her concentration when driving and takes a wrong turn
* Emma is finally over sean
* Chris Asks emma out
* Emma finds out that sean has been stealing stuff from Degrassi
* Emma finds out that they even stole mr simpsons laptop
* Emma becomes obsessed with bringing Sean to justice

53.Take On Me
* Ellie, Toby, Jimmy, Hazel and Sean all have saturday detention
* Ellie is in because she skipped a class
* Seans in for stealing
* Jimmy and toby are in for changing the math grade
* hazel is in for looking at porn in school.
* Ellie is secretly taping them to find out about the stealing at school
* Ellie and sean get close
* hazel kisses toby on a dare
* hazel and jimmy end up hooking up
* they all find out about ellie taping them, sean gets upset
* monday in school ellie and sean make up

54.Don't Dream It's Over
* Paige gets to use her parent van
* She decides to take Spinner, Jimmy, Hazel and Terri on a Saturday afternoon road trip
* Terri feels like the fifth wheel
* Terri decides to bring rick
* Paige and Terri argue about rick
* rick hears and gets mad. he storms off into some woods
* terri follows him
* Feeling angry and betrayed, Rick knocks Terri down.
* She hits her head on a rock and is knocked unconscious
* Paige and the gang show up to find out what happened, Rick runs away
* Terri is in the hospital facing brain surgery.
* Paige and Spinner admit to Terri's father they knew Rick was abusive

55.Rock & Roll High
* there is a battle of the bands
* craigs band 'downtown sasquatch' is playing
* So is ashleys band 'hell hath no fury'.
* ashley writes a song about craig
* craig apologizes to ashley for getting manny pregnant
* ashley continues to be mad
* craig thinks ashley is only doing the song for revenge
* craig ends up singing a sweet song
* craig finally apologizes for cheating on ashley

56.It's Raining Men
* Spinner hooks marco and dylan up on a date
* Marco and Dylan finally have a date!
* marco is nervous
* spinner helps marco prepare for the date
* Marco and dylan run into marcos parents
* marcos dad starts talking bad about gays
* dylan leaves
* in school marco apologizes to dylan about his dad
* dylan explains that he left so marco didnt feel uncomfortable
* they kiss!!!
* jt stars in a lame commercial
* he gets made fun of

57.I Want Candy
* Paige, Spinner and Ashley to skip school
* ashley is depressed all day
* ashley keeps talking about how she is leaving degrassi
* Emma discovers mr simpsons will on the computer
* emma asks mr simpson and he didnt want her to worry
* emma, spike and snake go to the doctors together. no more secrets
* The doctors says that the cancer is gone

58.Our House
* tracker gets a job outside of degrassi
* sean and tracker would have to move away
* Sean doesnt want to move
* his shop teacher tells him about student welfare
* sean lives on his own
* jay throws a party at seans
* amy (seans ex) gets alcohol poisoning
* seans ends the party, and his friendship with jay
* spinner tells JT not to go to the dance with manny
* unless he wants to get laid (calling manny a slut basically)
* JT asks manny to the dance anyway

59.The Power Of Love
* its the year end dance
* Jimmy orders a limo, and finds out full of garbage
* Marco and dylan go together
* A fire breaks out in the gym

Tentative Titles for Season 4 (from Exec. Producer)

61. The Ghost in the Machine (1):
62. The Ghost in the Machine (2):
63. King of Pain:
64. Mercy Street:
65. Anywhere I Lay my Head:
66. Island in the Stream:

Thats what i got from some Canadians who have already seen these. Hope they were helpful.

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