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Some Spoilers -- Season 4

**These were told to me by some people who get CTV, so they are all presumed to be true.**

- Rick brings a gun to school
- Jimmy gets shot
- Rick dies
- Sean goes back to his Parents
- JT shuns Toby for befriending Rick
- Toby plans on going to Ricks funeral
- Craig wants Ashley to join his band, no one else does though
- Paige crushes on her new Yoga instructor Mr. O
- Craig and Ashley get back together
- Ashley’s dad is getting married
- Something happens between Liberty and JT
- Manny and Spinner pair up
- Manny moons the new kid, Chester
- Mr. O may be interested in Paige
- Craig has an illness
- Emma gives Jay blow jobs in the ravine for bracelets
- Jimmy grows tired of being in the hospital
- Students are shocked to see Jimmy back in school, especially in a wheelchair
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