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Your place for degrassi spoilers
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Friday, December 3rd, 2004
10:23 pm
does anyone know where i can download any season 4 episodes? preferably time stands still part 2 and on...

thank you!!!!!!
Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
10:27 pm
Some Spoilers -- Season 4
**These were told to me by some people who get CTV, so they are all presumed to be true.**

- Rick brings a gun to school
- Jimmy gets shot
- Rick dies
- Sean goes back to his Parents
- JT shuns Toby for befriending Rick
- Toby plans on going to Ricks funeral
- Craig wants Ashley to join his band, no one else does though
- Paige crushes on her new Yoga instructor Mr. O
- Craig and Ashley get back together
- Ashley’s dad is getting married
- Something happens between Liberty and JT
- Manny and Spinner pair up
- Manny moons the new kid, Chester
- Mr. O may be interested in Paige
- Craig has an illness
- Emma gives Jay blow jobs in the ravine for bracelets
- Jimmy grows tired of being in the hospital
- Students are shocked to see Jimmy back in school, especially in a wheelchair

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Thursday, July 8th, 2004
4:35 pm
Some rumors and guesses about season 4 I stumbled across.

1. Paige's rape trial finally comes.
2. Manny was also raped by Dean and helps win the case against him.
3. Marco comes out to his parents.
4. Rick brings a weapon to school.
6. Someone starts smoking.
7. Someone commits suicide.
8. Liberty gets HIV.
9. Craig commits suicide.
10. Rick commits suicide.
11. Ellie starts cutting again.
12. School Shooting.
13. Ashley goes back to being goth.
14. Dylan tries to have sex with Marco
15. Terri comes back in season 4 for an episode dealing with Ricks funeral.

**Note** None of these are true. They are just what some people have been saying about season 4. I'm posting them to see what everyone else thinks. And maybe to see which ones are actually true.
Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
2:01 pm
Spoilers for the eps Americans didn't see yet....
50. Accidents Will Happen 1
* there is a big gymnastics meet
* manny gets sick
* she questions if craig wore a condome when they had sex
* manny turns to Emmas mom
* Manny discovers she is pregnant
* Toby feel shut out by JT
* Jimmy asks JT to a dj mad bullets concert
* Toby decides to change Jimmys math grade to earn cool points

51. Accidents Will Happen 2
* Manny believes her and Craig could have a little family
* Ashley gets mad and tells the cafeteria about the pregnancy
* Manny and Craig try to take care of baby jack
* Manny and Craig fail at taking care of baby jack
* Manny realizes she can't have a baby at her age
* Manny gets an abortion
* JT is sick of Libertys crush on him
* Liberty then finds an interest in Sean
* Liberty starts dressing different trying to attract sean
* Sean tells liberty that he will never be interested in her
* sean tells liberty that his friend towerz has a crush on her

52. This Charming Man
* Paige, Jimmy and Spinner all start drivers ed.
* Paige loses her concentration when driving and takes a wrong turn
* Emma is finally over sean
* Chris Asks emma out
* Emma finds out that sean has been stealing stuff from Degrassi
* Emma finds out that they even stole mr simpsons laptop
* Emma becomes obsessed with bringing Sean to justice

53.Take On Me
* Ellie, Toby, Jimmy, Hazel and Sean all have saturday detention
* Ellie is in because she skipped a class
* Seans in for stealing
* Jimmy and toby are in for changing the math grade
* hazel is in for looking at porn in school.
* Ellie is secretly taping them to find out about the stealing at school
* Ellie and sean get close
* hazel kisses toby on a dare
* hazel and jimmy end up hooking up
* they all find out about ellie taping them, sean gets upset
* monday in school ellie and sean make up

54.Don't Dream It's Over
* Paige gets to use her parent van
* She decides to take Spinner, Jimmy, Hazel and Terri on a Saturday afternoon road trip
* Terri feels like the fifth wheel
* Terri decides to bring rick
* Paige and Terri argue about rick
* rick hears and gets mad. he storms off into some woods
* terri follows him
* Feeling angry and betrayed, Rick knocks Terri down.
* She hits her head on a rock and is knocked unconscious
* Paige and the gang show up to find out what happened, Rick runs away
* Terri is in the hospital facing brain surgery.
* Paige and Spinner admit to Terri's father they knew Rick was abusive

55.Rock & Roll High
* there is a battle of the bands
* craigs band 'downtown sasquatch' is playing
* So is ashleys band 'hell hath no fury'.
* ashley writes a song about craig
* craig apologizes to ashley for getting manny pregnant
* ashley continues to be mad
* craig thinks ashley is only doing the song for revenge
* craig ends up singing a sweet song
* craig finally apologizes for cheating on ashley

56.It's Raining Men
* Spinner hooks marco and dylan up on a date
* Marco and Dylan finally have a date!
* marco is nervous
* spinner helps marco prepare for the date
* Marco and dylan run into marcos parents
* marcos dad starts talking bad about gays
* dylan leaves
* in school marco apologizes to dylan about his dad
* dylan explains that he left so marco didnt feel uncomfortable
* they kiss!!!
* jt stars in a lame commercial
* he gets made fun of

57.I Want Candy
* Paige, Spinner and Ashley to skip school
* ashley is depressed all day
* ashley keeps talking about how she is leaving degrassi
* Emma discovers mr simpsons will on the computer
* emma asks mr simpson and he didnt want her to worry
* emma, spike and snake go to the doctors together. no more secrets
* The doctors says that the cancer is gone

58.Our House
* tracker gets a job outside of degrassi
* sean and tracker would have to move away
* Sean doesnt want to move
* his shop teacher tells him about student welfare
* sean lives on his own
* jay throws a party at seans
* amy (seans ex) gets alcohol poisoning
* seans ends the party, and his friendship with jay
* spinner tells JT not to go to the dance with manny
* unless he wants to get laid (calling manny a slut basically)
* JT asks manny to the dance anyway

59.The Power Of Love
* its the year end dance
* Jimmy orders a limo, and finds out full of garbage
* Marco and dylan go together
* A fire breaks out in the gym

Tentative Titles for Season 4 (from Exec. Producer)

61. The Ghost in the Machine (1):
62. The Ghost in the Machine (2):
63. King of Pain:
64. Mercy Street:
65. Anywhere I Lay my Head:
66. Island in the Stream:

Thats what i got from some Canadians who have already seen these. Hope they were helpful.

Friday, February 20th, 2004
4:11 am
this weeks episode
Heres what ctv says about Mondays episode "Dont Dream Its Over"

Monday, Feb. 23 -- "Don't Dream It's Over"

Paige and Terri fight about Rick. Marco comes between Ellie and Sean..

Should be interesting!
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
8:29 pm
pictures from the newest episode shown in canada -- "take on me" go here


thanks to caleida user "trappedinabox"
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
4:25 am
I dont know if this is a real spoiler or not. I just found it, but i will share anyways. so just incase its not real, dont blame me.

Power of Love(2): It's Degrassi Prom Night! Everyone is going, except Emma. Emma acts weird, and her friends wonder why. But when Sean discovers why, he tries to comfort Emma, but she snaps at him. After cooling down, Emma decides to go to the prom. She confronts Sean once more. Sean apologizes for all the trouble he caused her this year, and he vows to work to get the money to get the laptop back. Emma and Sean vow to always be friends, even if they aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. Manny also tells Emma that since her pregnancy, she has vowed to change. Emma and Manny rekindle their friendship, and Emma realizes that she has a lot of people that care about her and love her, and Emma realizes that love is a power that works and to make that work in Snake's last 6 months. (this is a spec found in TVtome).
Thursday, January 15th, 2004
4:49 pm
Does anyone know when the new Degrassi episodes are going to air in the states?
10:57 am
this is the best community in the world.

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Friday, January 9th, 2004
1:09 am
i'm sure you've seen these before, but
a few spoilers I obtained WAY back in OctoberCollapse )

If anyone has anything beyond that, you'd be my hero.
Thursday, January 8th, 2004
8:49 pm
OK I am like total layout impared. So if anyof you web design savvy degrassi lovers would like to be co maintainer to help with layouts let me know.
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