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i'm sure you've seen these before, but

313: This Charming Man
Things are back on track for Emma now that she's
officially over Sean. Newly single Chris has even asked her
out! But when she hears rumours that Sean's part of a gang
stealing things from Degrassi (including Mr. Simpson's
laptop), Emma becomes obsessed with bringing Sean to
justice. But is she really interested in making the school
a safer place, or does she just want Sean to pay for
breaking her heart?

Paige, Spinner and Jimmy are inching closer to freedom when
they all begin Driver's Ed. Paige is a natural, logging
tons of road practice, thanks to her brother, while
Spinner's a nervous wreck about getting behind the wheel.
But the pair take a wrong turn when Paige loses her
concentration when driving with their seriously hot
instructor, Mr. Falcone.

314: Accidents Will Happen – Part 1
There's a big gymnastics meet at Degrassi, and Manny's
going to lead the team to gold! But when she starts to feel
sick, she fears that her queasy stomach might be more than
the flu or even a case of bad nerves. And she's suddenly
not sure she and Craig used protection when they had sex.
Not knowing where to turn (it's sure not going to be her
strict mom), Manny turns to Emma's mom Spike, the one
person she knows who's been in her shoes. When Manny's
worst fears are realized, she finds support from Spike,
Emma and even Craig, who takes the news surprisingly well.

Toby's feeling more and more shut out of JT's new world
of hanging with the cool kids, especially when Jimmy
invites JT to DJ Mad Bullets concert. So Toby comes up with
a plan to win Jimmy over: he'll hack into the school's
computer system and alter Jimmy's math grade. After all,
if there's one thing a nerd like Toby knows, it's
computers! So what can go wrong?

315: Accidents Will Happen – Part 2
Manny's tempted by the romantic family scenario Craig
paints and begins to think she and Craig really could keep
this baby. Even Ashley shares the news with the entire
cafeteria. But after she and Craig fail miserably at taking
care of Baby Jack, Manny has to confront the reality of
being a mother at her age. She can't do this! But can she
carry the baby full-term and give it up for adoption? Or
should she deal with this now, and have an abortion?

JT's finally had enough of Liberty's go-nowhere crush and
tells her to move on. So when she's paired with Sean on a
history project, she's decides that Sean's the latest
target of her affections. Impressing Sean takes a lot more
effort and ingenuity than she anticipated, but in the
process, she discovers someone else has a crush of their
own—on her!

316: Take On Me
Five kids from different worlds are stuck in a room - on a
Saturday! When Raditch introduces Saturday detention, Sean,
Ellie, Hazel, Jimmy and Toby are the first inductees.
Despite being in different cliques, the students come to
realize that they're all in the same boat together. With a
school all to themselves, they have a lot more fun than
they anticipated. But will these new-found friendships
survive Monday morning?

Additional Episodic Descriptions Unavailable

If anyone has anything beyond that, you'd be my hero.
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